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About us

One platform for collecting and displaying ratings on all European markets

Euro Reviews was designed for the European market, where borders cease to be an obstacle, where international retailing becomes the norm.

Artificial intelligence and translations

AI translations of reviews and ratings and the possibility of automatic responses to reviews by artificial intelligence.

Designed for European stores

Collect and display ratings, universally within the countries of the European Union

Expand your business

Today, it no longer matters in which country the business has its headquarters, but what matters is whether it is trustworthy

Why choose Euro Reviews?

One platform for all countries
Get thousands of reviews, thanks to which you will have a high level of credibility that decides whether a foreign customer will buy from you.
Artificial intelligence
Machine translation of reviews and responses to reviews into all languages via a tool that uses the most advanced artificial intelligence. Option to choose to write automatic replies according to set criteria with the help of OpenAI's CHAT-GPT.
Simple implementation
Several methods of implementation, in which the system generates a code for you that you simply insert into your e-shop.
Maximum customization
Choose from different variants of badges that will be most suitable for your e-shop.
Export of ratings
Download your ratings via API or export to a file and display ratings directly in your store.

How it works

Order and invitation

After completing the customer's order, please send us the basic order data into the system. Subsequently, the customer will automatically receive an invitation to evaluate the purchase.

Customer reviews

Based on the invitation that arrives at the time you choose, the customer will give ranking to the purchase. Ratings from all countries form a common store score.

Build your credibility and show it

The high credibility of the store decides whether a customer from abroad will buy from your store.

Price list

/ Monthly
Unlimited shops and badges
Automatic translation of ratings and answers
Stránky obchodov s prehladom hodnotení a spoločnosti
Správa recenzií a reportovanie nepravdivých alebo urážlivých
Exports and imports of reviews
Statistics and notifications
API and integration
Artificial intelligence
5000 /objednávok monthly
500 000 /preložených znakov monthly
Customized plan
All functions

individually /objednávok monthly
individually /preložených znakov monthly

Prices are shown VAT exclusive.


Each review and your response is automatically translated by artificial intelligence into all supported languages. The customer sees the review and response in the local language when viewing the profile.

Create as many shops as you need. Place as many badges in different places where you see fit.

Present your reviews and credibility. The customer sees the page and ratings in the local language.

Reply to customer reviews, your replies will be automatically translated into all supported languages. In case a customer provides a false or offensive rating, you have the option to report the rating and it will be considered for removal.

Keep track of how your stores are doing, thanks to statistics you know when to improve your approach to customers and how your improvement measures will show. If you suspect a manipulated review, you will be automatically alerted.

Export reviews for display on your own site, or import reviews from other sources to Euro Reviews.

Implement order tracking using generated javascript code that you simply insert into your store or by using the API. Work with registered orders using API features such as forcing an evaluation invitation to be sent in the case of a receipt of goods.

Translation of reviews and ratings by AI and the possibility of automatic responses to reviews by OpenAI.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, that's the point of our system. You can add an unlimited number of stores in one account and view their ratings individually or together in groups.

Yes, this is basic functionality, and by choosing Euro Reviews, you will be ready for future expansion.

Ratings are divided into two categories - verified and unverified. Reviews of unverified customers are not included in the overall score of the store.

With each rating, certain data is recorded to identify the author, and in case of abuse, the system will automatically notify you of suspicious ratings. You can remove the ratings of unverified customers yourself or you can report the ratings of verified customers for review.
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